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Facilities Manager offering over XNUMX years progressive experience. Demonstrated ability to easily learn and apply new and enhanced technologies and skills. Reputation for maintaining and improving facilities and equipment at above-standard levels, ensuring smooth and continuous operation. Understand and ensure compliance with all applicable coding and zoning laws, as well as OSHA and EEO regulations and guidelines.
• Over XNUMX years experience in industrial equipment and facility maintenance.
• Utilize innovation and creativity to enhance functionality and operability, while remaining in compliance with cost controls and organizational directives.
• Extensive background in equipment and facilities maintenance, including electric, gas, HVAC, plumbing, and refrigeration.
• Excellent mechanical and design capability, with ability to disassemble, repair, replace, install, and reassemble parts, and make adjustments to equipment based on vast personal knowledge and manufacturer specifications.
Reed Tavern, Erie, PA
XNUMX - Present
Maintained full P&L responsibility for the successful and cost effective operation of small, local business. Directed and monitored the activities of up to XNUMX employees at any given time. Maintained refrigeration, heating, and food preparation equipment, including freezers, grills, and ranges.
• Developed and administrated budgets.
• Hired, trained, scheduled, and disciplined employees.
• Managed food, liquor, and non-food inventories, maintaining optimum levels for continuous operations, while incorporating JIT (Just In Time) food management practices to control loss of perishable items and increase bottom line profitability.
Octagon Construction, Erie, PA
Home Builder
Utilized extensive knowledge of building, finishing, flooring, HVAC, plumbing, wiring, gas, water, and electricity to build XNUMX square-foot, highly-efficient, underground, single-family dwelling.
• Employed students enrolled in industrial maintenance programs with Erie Community College to assist with construction and installation processes.
• Due to level of knowledge achieved, XNUMX students were allowed to test out of coursework and granted college credit for work performed.
• Modified and combined and installed auto-feed coal burner and propane-fired boiler back-up with radiant floor heating system, achieving XNUMX% efficiency.
• System design allows for continuous feed of coal and automatic execution of back-up system during extreme cold.
Doyle Realty, Pittsburgh, PA
Real Estate Manager
Supervised property management for XNUMX apartments, including unit maintenance, rent collection, and bookkeeping processes.
• Maintained plumbing, electricity, and heating systems.
• Ensured all units were in excellent state of repair at all times, and occupants remained secure.
• Responded to repair requests and inquiries in an expeditious manner.

Purchased, renovated, and managed XNUMX-unit and XNUMX-unit apartment buildings, installing and integrating equipment for tracking and billing of individual gas, electric, and water usage, resulting in increased per unit profit, through decreased utility expenses for occupied units.

XNUMX-unit building:
• Replaced antique single-pipe steam system that supplied all units with XNUMX-pipe hydronic Paloma-Pack boiler system for each unit.
• Installed over XNUMX mile of copper piping, while maintaining conformance with all federal, state and local utility codes.
• Repaired and replaced water lines, plumbing fixtures, and electric wiring, as well as performed structural renovations, including tear-out and replacement or repair of walls, floors, and framing.

XNUMX-unit building:
• Performed conversion from single meter to individually metered units, requiring tenants to pay water, gas, and electric and completed renovations, enhancing aesthetics and livability, and resulting in increased per-unit profitability.
Acme Laundromat, Pittsburgh, PA
Co-Owner/Operator, Laundry Mat
Transformed lower portion of XNUMX-room house into lucrative, privately owned, coin-operated laundry facility.
• Began with XNUMX/XNUMX of ground floor, installing all necessary piping and electrical systems to support industrial washers and dryers.
• Threaded and installed XNUMX" water mains and gas lines, resulting in perfect inspection by water, gas, and insurance companies.
• Unprecedented success of business demanded immediate expansion - first doubling, then tripling facilities.
Doyle Printing, Pittsburgh, PA
Roll Tender
• Maintained responsibility for regular maintenance and smooth, efficient operation of Gravure Press, employing knowledge of color printing processes to ensure highest quality production.
Manning Landscaping, Erie, PA
Landscape Contractor

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