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International Business Protocol — Turnarounds — Team-Building

Management Executive with MBA and XNUMX years’ progressively responsible management experience. Expertise in turnaround and M&A management in highly competitive, global markets. Record of quickly integrating and revitalizing companies through:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Building & Leadership
  • Company-Wide Action Plans
  • Implementing Best Practices
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Budgeting, Pricing & Cost Control
  • Information Technology
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Human Resources
  • Cross-Cultural Communications


Fast-track, XNUMX-year career with Mayne Group — a world leader in the steel industry headquartered in the UK, reporting $XNUMX billion in sales and employing XNUMX personnel.

CFO AND ACTING PRESIDENT — Metal Works, Jersey City, NJ

XNUMX to Present

Recruited as CFO to manage integration of Metal Works — Mayne Groups’ newly acquired wholly owned subsidiary ($XNUMX million, XNUMX-employees). Sharing general management responsibilities with two other executives after upper management transition. Restructured and turned around company to profitability through development and implementation of company-wide action plan. Accomplished integration within few months. Achievements:

  • Captured $XNUMX million in savings within eight months through key role in instituting aggressive purchasing program.
  • Ended union strike immediately after assuming role of president, acting as negotiation leader. Reached cost-effective three-year collective bargaining agreement.
  • Selected and implemented integrated company-wide ERP business information system (Mapics) comprising sales, purchasing, inventory control, and financial and cost accounting support.
  • Eliminated XNUMX% of clerical jobs, rendering $XNUMX in annual savings.
  • Increased major production line productivity XNUMX% by soliciting input from technical industry experts to enhance manufacturing performance.

Other accomplishments include:

Financial Management

  • Realized $XNUMX million profits in first quarter XNUMX after losses of $XNUMX million in XNUMX.
  • Initiated and successfully negotiated refinancing of $XNUMX million in bank loans from outside lenders to internal Mayne loan, resulting in XNUMX% decrease in interest rate (from XNUMX% to XNUMX%).

General Management/Human Resources

  • Spearheaded cultural change through input from office and factory employees, instituting employee suggestion system and open-door policy.
  • Thwarted lawsuit using mediation skills to reach agreement and settle out of court.
  • Developed objectives-based performance measurement system as tool to create strong, cohesive teams, focused on common goals.
  • Realized union relationship improvements through diplomatic negotiations.

FINANCE CONTROLLER — Lyon Steel Company, Lyon, France


Appointed Finance Controller for Lyon Steel Company, a $XNUMX million French global market leader of plated steel for the battery industry, employing XNUMX employees; XNUMX% subsidiary of Mayne Group at time of hire. Member management team, supervised staff of XNUMX. Integrated Lyon Steel Company with Mayne Group and benchmarked with sister company in the United States. Achievements:

  • Facilitated XNUMX% acquisition by Mayne Group inXNUMX.
  • Played key role in successful turnaround from losses to profitability within one year by developing and implementing company-wide restructuring program.
  • Authored business plan and developed and implemented system of key-performer indicators.
  • Assumed project leadership for seamless YXNUMXK preparation/Euro implementation transitions.
  • Eliminated XNUMX% of work force while maintaining operability, focusing on high-performers.

PLANT CONTROLLER — Mayne Group — Various sites, the Netherlands


Selected by senior management for prestigious position of Plant Controller in XNUMX after proven abilities in increasingly responsible positions. Handled $XNUMX billion Flat Products Division after various controlling assignments for XNUMX-employee production site (XNUMX to XNUMX) and for $XNUMX million Steel Processing & Trading Division (XNUMX to XNUMX). Directed XNUMX employees at largest of five product groups, consisting of three major plants with XNUMX employees. Key accomplishments in various positions included:

  • Facilitated $XNUMX million cost cut by compiling categorized data of cost reduction options.
  • Reduced staff XNUMX% for entire product group by initiating pro-active and creative cost reduction program following thorough financial and functional analysis.
  • Handled communication with technical personnel: able to “translate” lingo and reach core issues.
  • Joined international team, which led $XNUMX million joint venture initiative with an Italian steel manufacturer.


(Equivalent of American PH.D. Program)
VRIJE UNIVERSITEIT — Amsterdam, the Netherlands

VRIJE UNIVERSITEIT — Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The Netherlands — member since XNUMX


Computer proficiency: SAP/RXNUMX; Mapics; Windows; Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Outlook; Internet research.

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