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Social Security Number: 000-00-0000
Citizenship: United States
Federal Civilian Status: Logistics Management Series GS-0346
Veterans' Preference: 10 points
Veteran’s Status: Honorably Discharged, Electrician, U.S. Navy, 1972-1978


Assistant Project Supt. GS-1601-14/14, Department Of The Navy, Navy Field Offices
Vacancy Announcement # PNS-OC-0077


Start-up Ventures / Transportation / Distribution

Effective self-starter demonstrating over 20 years of solid progressive experience across varied distribution environments and staff positions. Combines “hands-on” technical qualifications with intricate business strategies to achieve consistent success in identifying opportunities for continuous improvement and accelerated growth.

Strengths include:

  • Complex Multi-Million Dollar Project Management
  • Operations Execution Strategy & Implementation
  • Multifaceted Facility Restructure Proposals
  • Real Estate Analysis & Feasibility Studies
  • Staff & Line Operation in Union/Non-Union Settings
  • Team Building, Leadership & Mentor
  • Short/Long Range Budget & ROI Forecasting
  • We Will “Make It Happen” Attitude
  • Problem Solver With Alternate Quality Solutions
  • Detailed Sr. Executive Presentations
  • Pilot Startups/Restructuring/Layouts/Closures
  • State-Of-Art Equipment Implementation
  • Regulations/Compliance Training & Management


Wrote 350 page proposal (detailed analysis of district, including entire hub, feeder and facility structure of 14+ operations interacting past, current, and projected future growth and alternate solutions) and presented to Region and Corporate Staffs. Result: First project of its technology for an operation of this size (175,000 sq.ft/$14M payroll/capital expenditure $22M+) approved, funded, and became pilot project to spearhead automated sortation.

Project Superintendent to develop task force of union, key employees and management groups to evaluate and determine root cause of safety violations and injuries; then established appropriate guidelines/training/documentation procedures. Result: Productivity rose 9.6%, cost savings of $501.4K/annually, and increased service level from 1/186 failure to 1/2083 failure, and reduction on workplace injuries by 83%.

Identified alternate solution for over capacity facility, based on volume, miles and feed capacity. Result: Able to postpone $1.5M capital expenditure for minimum of 7 years, labor savings of $106K/annually, and obtained active support of union workgroup for proposed changes which allowed the project to progress quickly and smoothly.

Instrumental in restoring compliance with loop detail for service area, through coordination of multi-level inter-departmental efforts achieved budgetary responsibility. Result: Reduced miles per stop by 5% ($460K/annually), while maintaining high standard of quality service to customers.

Restructured staff and duties. Result: Staffing reduced to normal guidelines, productivity increased 52%, reduced overtime, increased service quality, and miss-sort frequency lowered from 1/194 to 1/2000 pieces handled.


Blue Parcel Service
1985 – Present
Street Address, City, ST ZipCode Hours: 40+/week
Director: FirstName LastName Phone # (may not be contacted at this time) Salary: $110,000

Small package delivery, worldwide distribution and integrated logistics corporation. Progressively increased responsibility, product knowledge, education and achievements.

Operations Manager (Seattle, WA)

Start up Pilot Facility integrating air, rail and ground movements with automated sortation. Manage coordination of 24/5 total operations consisting of 108 drivers, 258 union and non-union staff, 108 package cars and 12 feeder rigs, operations budget of $17.45M with annual revenues in excess of $21.72M, servicing 7420 customers daily.

  • Identified and drove bottom line results, focusing on improving on road production 9.6%, increasing preload productivity 37% which drove cost savings of $2.25M in annual operating cost reduction.
  • Improved on time delivery frequency from 2 Sigma to 3 Sigma level, during a volume of increase of 12%.

Industrial Engineer, Buildings and Facilities (Seattle, WA)
Controlled agenda of REFCO (Real Estate and Facilities Committee), analyzed long-range and short-range projects for Return on Invested Capital, developed real estate and facility design data, presented progress of approved and funded projects and post cost analysis. Supervised operational changes of sufficient magnitude such as new facility openings, new sort startups and operational restructure necessitated by growth but not yet requiring facility expansion. Developed plans, budgets, and coordinated resources for continuous improvement, maximizing priorities for operating efficiencies and driving decision-making in project executions and providing solutions on various Real Estate, Building/Facility and “Spin Off” Projects.

Major projects included: opening of Pacific building ($25M automated sortation facility), new Colville operating center, closure of Aberdeen facility-coordinating efforts of Tumwater, new operation in Elma, new air operation at Spokane Airport, expansion of Seattle Boeing Field air operation, implementation of Lewiston preload, spun off portion of Moses Lake operation to Grand Coulee and implemented preload in Moses Lake, opened new facility in Kennewick and closed Pasco operation.

All RE projects implemented exceeded 12% minimum hurdle rate. (Cost containment projects were measured against a 2-year payback standard, and revenue generation proposals held to less than1-year standard.)

Industrial Engineer, Customer Resource Group (Seattle, WA)
Recruited for Pilot Operation to utilize technical skills in aiding in development and implementation of Customer Resource Group, translating statistical data to customer billable revenue for company, focusing on internal control.

  • Coordinated time definite nationwide delivery of new product release to all locations simultaneously, first time in company’s history attempted and succeeded.

Accounting (Seattle, WA)
Supervised staff of up to 36, with billing services for approximately 24,000 accounts, processing of up to $6M/daily, 12,500 transactions from 1200 drivers in 53 operating centers.

  • Introduced standardization and automated each departmental billing functions.
  • Upgraded Account Receivables’ performance level from 55% to 91%.
  • Collected 99.7% of dollars billed, cut collections staff 30% and improved performance 25%.
  • Increased COD’s performance audit from 41% to 90% while reducing department staff 2/3.

Center Supervisor (Moses Lake, WA & Pasco, WA)
24/7 Operations with responsibility of profit and loss, forecast, and budget. Operations included up to 46 drivers, sorters, feeder drivers, mechanics and facility maintenance.

  • Improved productivity from 13 to 17 daily road hour stops, with cost savings of nearly 30%.
  • Decreased claims expense 20%
  • Decreased reported accidents 40%


2 years Training/4 Years New Construction & Initial Operations Testing of A First Of A Class (688 Class Fast Attack Submarines built by Electric Boat in Groton, CT)
USA Navy Electrician, Navel Nuclear Power Program
Woodward Governor School
Electrician mate class A
Electrical division section leader-qualified all electrical watch stations, plus sonar AN/BQQ5, and SMAW (shut down maneuvering area watch), senior engineering watch position in port.


Microsoft NT Workstation 4.0
Xders & Xders Research Statistical Software
SPSS/SPSSX Statistical Software
PageMaker 6.5
Windows 95/97/98
Microsoft Windows XP
Access 2.0 and 7.0
Microsoft Office


Bachelor of Science – Business
Central Washington University
Seattle, WA

Realtor Association
American Society for Quality

Holderness School for Boys (private preparatory school)
Chaucey, Philadelphia

Military Training

Basic Electricity and Electronics
Nuclear Power School
Prototype Training
New Construction

Specialized formal and informal training including; Six Sigma, Work Measurement, Labor Workshops for Dealing with Both Bargaining Unit and Union Free Employees, Diversity and Affirmative Action, Building and Facilities (need identification and site selection), MapInfo (database application to mapping software for growth marketing and facility planning), Statistics and Spanish (basic conversational level).

U.S. Vietnam Veteran
Purple Heart Recipient 1976

FirstName LastName
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Assistant Project Supt. GS-1601-14/14, Department Of The Navy, Navy Field Offices
Vacancy Announcement # PNS-OC-0077

Ability to plan, monitor, coordinate, evaluate and direct shipyard wide nuclear and non-nuclear work projects.

As Operations Manager I discovered an area that had been modified in a manner that rendered it non-complaint to Industrial Engineering practices. The various departments did not take ownership or that necessity of change was their responsibility. It was my job to create a united front in this campaign to accomplish productivity in an operation that was struggling with cost containment.

After recognizing the root cause of the cost issue, I coordinated, led, and monitored progress of a task group to plan the actions needed to gather the statistical data needed to accomplish this goal. The team consisted of drivers and managers of various departments working together to get the job done.

Each driver documented miles/stops and then handed off to select manager for data compilation. This process consisted of 120 man-days. Once all the facts were in we evaluated appropriate alternate routes and implemented changes. These changes resulted in 5% cost savings ($460K/annually).

From that time, all departments have been able to work together on projects and go the extra mile, driven by team excellence.

FirstName LastName
Street Address / City, ST ZipCode
Phone # / Email Address


Assistant Project Supt. GS-1601-14/14, Department Of The Navy, Navy Field Offices
Vacancy Announcement # PNS-OC-0077

Knowledge of total shipyard work operations, trades and shop practices.

As an Electrician’s Mate Class A, I was assigned to SMAW (Shutdown Maneuvering Area Watch.) This senior engineering position was in port and I was responsible for nuclear, electrical, propulsion, and mechanical plants. The controls activity on the engineering equipment included coordination and control of all maintenance and testing undertaken.

As RPPO (Repair Parts Petty Officer), I was responsible for ships COSAL, including repair parts procurement and replacement of items consumed, as well as control of technical documentation associated with operations and technical manuals for the installation and repair of equipment on board.

I held a senior electrical position in the engineering spaces of EPCP (Electric Plant Control Panel) where I was in charge of control of the propulsion plant. I have operated the AN/BQQ5 sonar and controls surface of the submarine underway.

I was an initial crewmember of the plank crew of the SSN690 USS Philadelphia. Here, I participated in the assembly and testing of the first submarine of the Los Angeles Class assembled at the Electric Boat shipyard in Groton, CT. We tested trial systems and equipment in applications and configurations new to the shipyard and Navy, setting the base data for benchmarking the production models that were following us through the process.

My four years on the Philadelphia took the ship from pre-hull completion, construction completion, installation and operational testing, sea trials, performance testing, and finally through normal fleet deployment.

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Assistant Project Supt. GS-1601-14/14, Department Of The Navy, Navy Field Offices
Vacancy Announcement # PNS-OC-0077

Ability to communicate orally and in writing.

As Industrial Engineer in charge of the B & F (Buildings and Facilities), I inherited a project to demonstrate to the region and corporate staffs that area expansion was necessary, or put the project to rest and create an alternate solution. This proposal project had been attempted and had failed several times in the past.

I compiled an in depth analysis of the entire hub, feeder, and facility structure of more than 14 operations interactively to ensure no other non-capital expenditure solutions were available. This study included several alternative measures.

My analysis not only focused on existing facility structure and the impact on current need, but a study on past, current and projected future area’s growth based on historical data from the company’s own records and business development plan. The capital expenditure cost for the facility was more than $22 million, but damage to the company’s reputation and the loss of available market share were strong motivators once the mechanical and financial analysis showed the project to be among the highest priority in the company.

The finished analysis ran more than 350 pages. To reach a successful sale, it was essential to use dynamic presentations to achieve requisite support from regional staff and then senior corporate executives.

This project was approved and funded during era when the corporation approved very few capital projects. In addition, this facility is one of a series of pilot projects the company chose to spearhead, and the first project of its technology undertaken.

FirstName LastName
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Assistant Project Supt. GS-1601-14/14, Department Of The Navy, Navy Field Offices
Vacancy Announcement # PNS-OC-0077

Ability to supervise/manage.

As leader assigned to a preload operation, my opportunity was to improve the productivity of a work group. Upon arrival the work group was over the guideline staffing level by 10%, productivity was 60% of the level expected by application of standardized work measurements. Assignments were not completed on time causing road operations to incur overtime and service failures on time sensitive items.

After thorough evaluation of work performed, I retrained the supervisory group, ensuring understanding of expectations and restructure methods. Before each supervisor started the implementation of the change we role-played his or her presentation of the explanation. This allowed them to become comfortable with their ability to communicate the information and to sell the need in a manor that demonstrated the gain for the people affected.

Through this process we were able to reduce staff to normal guidelines. The impact of the effective training increased productivity 89%, increased service quality, reduced error rate to 1/2000 piece handled, and overtime road operation was eliminated.

This management style has been reflected in my staff; as they have gone on to attain career promotions.

FirstName LastName
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Assistant Project Supt. GS-1601-14/14, Department Of The Navy, Navy Field Offices
Vacancy Announcement # PNS-OC-0077

Ability to understand and apply Total Quality Leadership concepts, or other quality improvement efforts, for continuous improvement of Shipyard processes resulting in improved operations.

Upon new assignment of Operations Manager, I arrived at a facility in which the safety picture was so serious that daily work was in constant jeopardy, morale was extremely low, and management was doing hourly labor-creating labor issues in a union environment.

My first step was to analyze the process to determine the cause of numerous injuries. Second was to determine why the labor issues were so pronounced. And third, to determine what stopgap measures would be required to buy sufficient time to work on the root cause.

In meeting with union, key employees, and management groups, I revealed a breakdown in operational trust and communication, and developed an immediate plan to correct this issue.

I hired sufficient drivers to cover daily sick calls, allowing operators to complete daily duties with respect to communications, discipline, and training. The main focus was set on safety training. This approach allowed operators to attain the tools to document attendance problems, failure to utilize training instructions, and establish credibility.

My direction of Total Quality Leadership concepts directly impacted the 9.6% raise in productivity, cost savings of $501.4K/annually, which increased service levels and on-time deliveries.

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Assistant Project Supt. GS-1601-14/14, Department Of The Navy, Navy Field Offices
Vacancy Announcement # PNS-OC-0077

Ability to meet Affirmative Action/EEO responsibilities.

The Human Resource training I have received, both in the military and in management courses, focused intensely on management roles in Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity responsibilities and Diversity. Annually, I attend seminars on HR laws conducted by corporate attorneys, to stay abreast of industry changes and practices in the employment fields.

Throughout my management roles, I have held hiring responsibilities. This includes the training and supervision of those working for the company, as well as labor members of the Teamsters Union. I have practiced compliance during my tenure of Operations/Regional management, as well as ensuring proper education and training of my subordinates. With the strict policies and procedures I have implemented, I have not incurred any violations, nor has my staff from union or non-union representatives.

The ongoing training I receive, keeps me informed of current practices for compliance of equal opportunity and the elimination of discrimination on the basis of race, gender, ethnic background, or any other criterion that deprives people of opportunities to progress in the work environment.

FirstName LastName
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Phone # / Email Address

Mth Day, Year

Human Resources Service Center
ATTN: SomeFirstName SomeLastName
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City, ST ZipCode


Assistant Project Supt. GS-1601-14/14, Department Of The Navy, Navy Field Offices
Vacancy Announcement # PNS-OC-0077

Dear Personnel Officer:

Please find enclosed my application for the position of Assistant Project Superintendent.

My relevant qualifications include:

  • I am a USA Vietnam Veteran, serving our country in the Navy, and a Purple Heart Recipient.
  • 4 years of my 6 years military experience, I was assigned to the Nuclear Power Plant where I worked hands-on with the electronics division in programming and troubleshooting launch missiles.
  • I have applied Total Quality Leadership concepts throughout all phases of project development, receiving numerous commendations from senior staff as well as customers.
  • I have proven experience as superintendent for project executions, with precise planning, monitoring, coordinating and directing multi-million dollar ventures.

I would be an asset to your organization because I have proven skills and leadership in:

  • Successful large-scale project management.
  • Development of multi-million dollar budget with ROI.
  • Regulations/Compliance Training and Management.
  • Problem Solver With Alternate Quality Solutions.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to your response.


FirstName LastName


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