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MSEE with almost 20 years of experience in computer systems development for IBM. Continuously promoted and challenged through team leader and department manager positions. Currently Senior Engineer Manager for a 25 person group specializing in high-end storage subsystems. Creative, conscientious and quickly adaptable leader who develops strong working relationships and sets standards for other employees.

Eager to take on new challenges with a company in the Western/ Mountain states, ideally in an electronics/ computer systems development/ project management/ coordination role. Position would have a focus on creativity and innovation balanced with speed to the market.

IBM, STORAGE SUBSYSTEM DIVISION (SSD), Rochester, Minnesota 1980 - Present
Senior Development Project Manager
Project Development Engineer Manager

Manage 25 engineers/programmers/technicians in high-end development department. This 2000 employee IBM SSD site develops subsystem storage devices for low-end to high-end computers. Handle all aspects of people development and management. Develops, administers and tracks department budget.

Assignment and resource allocation
Hiring of new graduates and experienced candidates
Daily and annual reviews and feedback
Salary and raise administration
Recommend and support training needs
Resolve personnel issues

Handle project updates, interface and presentations
Test strategy, design and planning
Product schedule and key dates definition
Inter-site product test coordination and management
Allocation of resources
Problem management and resolution
Tracking, analysis and recommendations

• RESULT: Led RAMAC 3 attachment to the 3990 mod 6 controller to an on-time, successful release. As Test Manager/Focal Point, coordinated over 25 test systems and 30 test engineers/programmers/technicians. Consistently resolved problems, balanced and allocated resources, orchestrated critical path deadlines that included daily planning. Also reevaluated test strategies, conducted release analysis, and followed up on future release design, planning, and scheduling. Additionally, prepared and presented project status reports and presentations.

• RESULT: Led development of a SCSI to ESCON converter that allowed SCSI files to be stored on a 3990 mod 6 subsystem to an on-time, high quality release despite delays. Overcame challenges created when internal issue caused project to start late with 4 less people than planned for. Tightly managed 10 test systems and 9 test engineers/programmers/technicians. Instituted daily strategy meetings and applied rigorous test and resource balancing to meet critical path demands. Successfully negotiated for 1 additional temporary resource. As Test Manager/Focal Point, resolved problems, conducted release analysis, and followed on release design, planning, and scheduling. Kept management apprised of project progress through series of reports and presentations.

• RESULT: Selected to be on several project review boards due to broad perspective and technical and management skills. As Product Development functional representative, help develop all facets of product life cycle for review of the Integrated Product Development Board. Also chosen as Product Change Board functional representative for the latest high-end DASD Products. This technical board has responsibility of intervening and approving any tentative changes in a project's charter. Additionally, selected to be the Sensitive Parts Coordinator to control handling and access procedure for high value or proprietary products.

Advisory Engineer 1992 - 1995
Staff Engineer 1989 - 1992
Senior Associate Scientist 1988 - 1989

• RESULT: Led team to automate optical library testing. Automation software and scripts were picked up by optical drive/library engineering team for testing of code bring-up. As the Test Coordinator and Team Leader, ensured that over 3000 lines of PC application code were designed, developed, coded and debugged. The application automated and enabled unattended optical library and drive testing. This allowed the department to continue test efforts on schedule with reduced resource and overtime hours.

• RESULT: Led team to create attachment of SCSI optical library device driver for AS/400. As Team Leader, ensured team designed, coded, debugged, and delivered 10,000 lines of high quality code on schedule.

• RESULT: Wrote over 6000 lines of code used for AS/400 ROS BATs and boot loader. Code was completed on schedule with high quality. At system power on or adapter reset, these SCSI adapter firmware functions performed device interface hardware verification and loaded the adapters operating system.

Associate Engineer/Scientist
1983 - 1988

• RESULT: Developed microcode for attachment of tape to IBM System 36 with excellent quality and completed project before due date. Coded, debugged and delivered 5000 lines of microcode.

• RESULT: Designed, developed and executed System 36 model 5364 PC application compatibility tests on schedule. Completed over 30 PC application test scenarios.

• RESULT: Trained programming and engineering students at Brigham Young University to develop and execute over 15 application tests to support System 36 model 5364 PC application compatibility tests.

University of Minnesota 1983
Masters Thesis, MSEE

• RESULT: Created and demonstrated an operating system for the Masters Board. Helped design, code, and debug a multi-tasking operating system that consisted of over 8000 lines of code. Additionally designed, wired and tested memory expansion circuit that was integrated into the computer system used to develop the operating system.

• Previous employment included 3 years as a Sales Manager, and positions as a business equipment installer and a telephone installer and repairman.

Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
B.S., Psychology
University of Minnesota, Crookston, Minnesota
MSEE in Electrical and Computer Engineering

• Team Leadership
• IBM Manager Training
• Negotiation
• Export Regulations

• Project Management 1 & 2
• Self-directed Work Team
• Creative Thinking

• Market Driven Product Development
• New Product Introduction Process
• IBM Product Cycle

• Data Communication Protocols
• Introduction to Communication Systems
• Real Time Software Analysis
• PC Interfacing
• Software Development Quality Workshop
• AS/400 IOP Design and Architecture
• Structured Design Techniques with Excelerator
• Linear Products Technology

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