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International experience and exposure to diverse technologies, cultures, and business operations underscores more than 6-years experience in the IT sector. Acknowledged for capacity to analyze issues, expedite innovative solutions, and build the type of consensus-driven environment that contributes to on time, on-budget delivery. Track record for absorbing volumes of technical information, conceiving realistic solutions, and bridging the gap between technology limitations and business/management expectations. A service- and client-focused professional, with proven team leadership strengths.
Professional strengths include:
System Analysis & Design End-User Training Project Management
Business Administration Operations Management Application Development
Cost Reduction/Containment Process Improvements Issue Resolution
Risk Analysis/Justifications Technical Specifications Client Relationship
Team Leadership Critical Problem-solving Management
• Microsoft Office Professional • Microsoft FrontPage • HTML • Windows NT/2000/XP/ME/98/95 • LAN/WAN • JavaScript • WML/WML Script • OO Design • Network Design • Database Design • Visual Basic 6 • VB.Net • Visual C#, C++, C • XML (DTD, Schema, XSLT, CSS) • UNIX (Linux, Solaris) • MAC OS • Geomedia/Geomedia Pro• Visual Manufacturing • BizTalk Server • Photoshop • Microsoft Project • Pascal • Eiffel • Prolog • Java • ASP.Net • ADO.Net • SQL Server • Novel Netware • Lotus SmartSuite •
  • Successfully transformed an outmoded manual inventory system into a contemporary barcode function with inbuilt expandability for future enhancements. Delivered incident free project by “impossible” deadline of just 5-weeks, training end-users to master the system in 15-days.
  • Key contributor in 4-person team assigned ambitious project to replace ineffective and erroneous manufacturing tracking and payroll systems. Devised the design for the $US 2 million project that won management support and later spread to all plants in the USA, Mexico, and Central America—with implementation pending in Europe and Asia.
  • Pioneered the use of GIS in the law enforcement sector by designing Crime Guard a GIS application that refined the methods of analysis for the police department in Apizaco, Mexico. Met the “go-live” data for implementation with a system that housed digitized city maps, incidences of crimes, and offender details.
  • Recognized as one of the best GPAs from the School of Computer Systems Engineering in 1993.
  • Top 5 placement at the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, Region Mexico, 1996.
LA MODA ELEGANTE E HIJOS, Apizaco, Mexico 2003–2004
Retail Manager
LA MODA ELEGANTE E HIJOS, Apizaco, Mexico 2002–2003
Systems Designer & Developer
WARNACO GROUP INC., New York, USA 1999–2001
Manufacturing Systems Developer
APIZACO POLICE DEPARTMENT, Apizaco, Mexico 1998–1999
Software Engineer
CB1 INTERNET CAFÉ, Cambridge, England 1998
Internet Service Provider Assistant
Systems Programmer
LA MODA ELEGANTE E HIJOS, Apizaco, Mexico 2003–2004
Retail Manager
Recruited to turn around declining sales stemming from inept marketing campaigns, waning customer service attitudes, and excessive inventory levels. Clearly techniques used successfully over generations were failing to beat the newer, tougher retail competition. Immediately embarked upon a complete analysis and revamp of business operations; observed employees’ performances, established training programs to reinforce a “customer first” mindset, reinvigorated the marketing campaign message, and eliminated obsolete stock, while simultaneously revising order cycles and quantities.
Key contributions/accomplishments
  • Customers responded quickly to the newly-attentive retail sales consultants with store traffic increasing by 30% and sales volume by 12% in just 5-months.
  • Built a successful business case for, and lobbied a skeptical management on, the virtues of hiring qualified customer-centric employees. Policy paid handsome rewards with word-of-mouth recommendations of service quality spreading the reputation of the business.
  • Cut inventory levels by 20% removing obsolete stock and decreasing order quantities.
LA MODA ELEGANTE E HIJOS, Apizaco, Mexico 2002–2003
Systems Designer & Developer
Transformed an outdated manual inventory recording function to a contemporary barcode inventory system designed to resolve inventory control issues including excessive ordering and ineffective product storage. Written in Visual Basic.Net and integrating Access 2002 as a DBMS, the system utilized Crystal Reports 9 for report generation and Excel 2002 for “at a glance” charting. System tracked the inventory lifecycle from product receipt to distribution, set minimum and maximum levels for automated reordering or over-stock alerts, and generated reports that detailed vendor information, product location and type, and calculated sale prices.
  • Challenged by a “go-live” deadline of just 5-weeks plus 15-days to train end users, successfully met all objectives with an incident free implementation that almost tripled the inventory processing time, and won widespread praise for its stability and ease of operation.
  • Introduced expandability to the system for future development including the potential for a sales and web technology module for greater functionality.
WARNACO GROUP INC., New York, USA 1999–2001
Manufacturing Systems Developer
Time consuming, and error-plagued manufacturing tracking and payroll systems were costly, inefficient, and regularly exposed to data loss and revision due to substantial human intervention used in processing the information manually.
Key contributor in 4-person team assigned to design the tracking system’s general structure. Despite widespread concern over the ambitious project, built and presented a business case to management that won unanimous support and approval.
Progressed to oversee complete development of the organization’s six separate manufacturing module phases, provide end-user training, and reengineer select processes for increased efficiency. A painstaking implementation, that transitioned staff from little or no computer literacy to fully accomplished operators.
  • Originally planned for a US-based rollout, the success of the project prompted rollout across all plants in the USA, Mexico, and Central America, and was poised for implementation across Europe and Asia.
  • Reduced human intervention, eliminated paper-based records, and reengineered procedures, cut business costs by 35%, increased production rates by 20%, and streamlined end-of-year reconciliations.
  • Spearheaded innovative method of using radio frequency devices (RF Guns) to eliminate paper documentation and expedite the warehouse’s materials handling process.
  • Automated procedure for integrating Bill of Materials and Orders to Manufacture data with system that removed the need for a supervising staff member to oversee the process.
  • Trained 300+ end-users in Spanish and English to master the nuances of the system.
  • Co-produced payroll system that calculated the payroll for 2000 people in each plant and virtually eliminated long-term errors. The system designed in Visual Basic 6, with Access 98 as the DBMS, was designed to cross platforms of Windows 95 and Windows 98. Exact attention to detail was critical with any errors in formula having the potential to negatively impact employees’ pay. System was implemented on time with no major incidents.
  • Won the “green light” from management to modify inefficient physical processes for greater productivity. Conceived and introduced a module that transitioned the manual completion/calculation and supervisor hand-over of a form, to a fully automated system where end-users keyed in data, and the system automatically completed the process with final authorization by the supervisor.
  • Became proficient at translating management concepts into code.
APIZACO POLICE DEPARTMENT, Apizaco, Mexico 1998–1999
Software Engineer
Designed Crime Guard, an application that refined methods for the police department to analyze crime and determine patterns or similarities in location, type, or time. The program also calculated best routes for reaching an incident swiftly, most likely placements of mobile units to minimize response times, and a database of known offenders detailing home addresses and modus operandi data.
  • Overcame hurdles in gaining access to confidential and sensitive data by establishing a cooperative relationship with the Chief of Police. Digitized maps of the city, integrated into the GIS software; introduced Excel spreadsheet data detailing incidences of crime by location into the database, and successfully negotiated for access to selected criminal records to ensure system testing was accurate.
  • Mastered Geomedia Pro software despite no previous experience.
  • Met the deadline for go-live project implementation.
CB1 INTERNET CAFÉ, Cambridge, England 1998
Internet Service Provider Assistant
Installed and administered local area network—from network cabling, through network server configurations, user account assignations, updates, and granting permissions for shared resources. Conducted load and server stress test using test scripts and automated procedures.
Conceptualized, designed, and maintained the Computer Systems Engineering Department’s website at the University of Las Americas Puebla. Led a small team of graphic designers, and sought feedback from end- users to maximize the ease of navigation, and introduce intuitive services.
Systems Programmer
Co-programmed the human resources module designed to provide the HR department with full access to employee information—from salary to attendance rates, work shifts, and department location.

Master of Business Systems Monash University, Australia (2003)

Certificate in Finance Administration
University of Las Americas Puebla, Mexico (2002)

Bachelor of Science (Computer Systems Engineering)
University of Las Americas Puebla, Mexico (1999) International Exchange Student Cambridge University, England (1998)

Extensive training includes Japanese for Beginners, Mastering Professional Selling Skills, and Customer Service. Attended the ACS National Conference—Australian Computer Society

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